Your Bill of Rights

With Boat Plus of La Habra, your southern California boating maintenance partner, every customer has certain inalienable rights that can never be taken away.  These rights apply equally, regardless of the size of the need. These rights may not be self-evident to other boat maintenance companies, but they are to us at Boats Plus.

With Boats Plus of La Habra, the boat store, you have the right:

  • To a Boating maintenance shop that is dedicated to and passionate about servicing to enjoy more time on the water and less time in the shop
  • To be treated with respect
  • To be treated fairly and honestly
  • To a boat service that identifies solutions that solve the problem.
  • To a boat service that  wants to help you have the safest, most beneficial use of your boat
  • To expect from your boat maintenance service to go the extra mile to understand your boating needs
  • To receive no lip-service.  We at Boats Plus of La Habra, CA will give tell you what needs to be done and always get approval if it differs.

We at Boats Plus want you to get to know a new level of service.  The service begins with exceptional personal attention.  Plus we offer a great range of services with experts work designed to keep your pride and joy in top condition while saving you money. And it’s all backed by this Bill of Rights; proof we are committed to giving You the best service possible.

Good Boating,

Chuck Davis

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