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Don’t Lie to the boat guy

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New Product Milled and Engraved Panel

Boat Milled Panel and EngravedHere is a product we have developed over the past year. Many of the boats that we see for service have a problem with the instrument panel. you cant read anything on them. The lettering on them and on the switches you can not make  out what they are. The lettering that was silk screened on them has  evaporated with the sun and rain beating on them not to mention that the panel just generally looks pretty bad. We have also had some boats that have come in missing the complete dash and instruments. Yes they were stolen by some nardowell.We have a complete new panel milled and engraved and yes I said engraved not silk screened. This process keeps the panel looking great for the life of the boat.


This product is not cheep but it is reasonable. The prices vary with size and complexity. The panel shown was a mid priced panel, about four hundred dollars ready to install every thing in it and re wire as necessary.
This is a quality product that will enhance the boats appearance and value. No more faded and unreadable lettering and no more unsightly stickers.
This product is fore someone who wants to be proud of the looks of there boat.
Call for more information.

[fbin-preliked]Video of OLD and NEW Panel


Are you forgetting something, maybe the boat trailer?

Boat Trailers are sometimes forgotten or overlooked when caring for a boat but can pose a safety hazard when transporting your prized boat to the lake.  Ask Chuck the owner of Boats Plus in La Habra, California give some pointers on your Boat Trailer in the following YouTube video clip.

Click the link ->Ask Chuck Boats Plus about Boat Trailers

Simple Drain Plug mistakes

boat-drain-plugAsk Chuck walks you through one of the smallest pieces of equipment and often forgotten but extremely important.  Let Chuck at Boats Plus in La Habra, CA educate you on the boats Water Plug.

Click here for video -> Ask Chuck; The important Drain Plug


How not winterizing / annual boat maintenance can be costing you money!

Press the line below to see the YouTube video.

Click Here to view Video ->Costing you money by not doing this?


simple maintenance to keep boat running

Common Practice damaging the Water Pump?

Do you make a common mistake that is damaging your engine?

Check out video by clicking the line below:

What you might be doing that cost you money every time.




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