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1976 19' Hornet jet boat

jet boat 19' hornet 
boat at boats plus la habra CA 


Owner Chuck Davis

HAPPY 2018 NEW YEAR to our old and new customers!  The Boating season is around the corner and we look forward to keeping you on the water.

Stop by and see us.



Don’t be afraid to call us about your old jet boat like this 1976 19′ Hornet that we built complete rite straight from the barrel of resin.

This Hornet came back to us in 1990 after spending years in the Arizona sun uncovered.We complete refinished the deck in the original colors and original deck target. There is nothing like a nostalgic look back from where we all came in the southern cal marine business.


You know we’re a little old fashion,

our parts catalog is available to you now online.

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Our Newest Project is getting painted and will be back soon! 

New Pictures will be added once back in showroom

  • What kind of boat is this?
  • What will be the final color?
  • What is the horsepower?
  • Who will be first to ride inside?

IMG_0145boatsplusprojectBoatsPlusStoreboatsplusproject3boatconstruction3boat constructionBoat Plus Building BoatBoat Plus building boat back side



Hey Chaparral Boat Owners!!!

For all you needing service on your Chaparral Boat, welcome to Boats Plus.

Maintenance on Chaparral BoatChaparral Boat on Trailer

We have been working on them for many years and would happy to offer service on your prize boat.  We service Chaparral owners New and Old knowing you will enjoy our excellent service. What is the special? We service the trailer from the hitch to the tail lights. The boat, from the bow to the transom, also the engine and drive.

Welcome aboard,


Hand Milled Engraved Boat Panels 


Here is a product we have developed over the past year. Many of the boats that we see for service have a problem with the instrument panel. you cant read anything on them. The lettering on them and on the switches you can not make  out what they are. The lettering that was silk screened on them has  evaporated with the sun and rain beating on them not to mention that the panel just generally looks pretty bad. We have also had some boats that have come in missing the complete dash and instruments. Yes they were stolen by some nardowell.We have a complete new panel milled and engraved and yes I said engraved not silk screened. This process keeps the panel looking great for the life of the boat.

This product is not cheep but it is reasonable. The prices vary with size and complexity. The panel shown was a mid priced panel, about four hundred dollars ready to install every thing in it and re wire as necessary.

This is a quality product that will enhance the boats appearance and value. No more faded and unreadable lettering and no more unsightly stickers.
This product is fore someone who wants to be proud of the looks of there boat.
Call for more information.


“Boats plus is great! I have been going here for a few years now and they are the only ones that I will allow to touch my boat. I do most of the work on my boat, but I take the real difficult problems to them, which they always solve properly, not like many of the Mickey mouse so called marine mechanics that I have encountered elsewhere. They will also go out of their way, sometimes at their own expense, to help you as best as they can.

In this economy, you rarely see this behavior in a business and you appreciate it when you do. They have been in the boat business a long time and understand all the systems on the boat. As an example their mechanics are one of the few out there that know how to work on some of the older and more difficult drive units, such as my OMC stringer. Chuck, the owner, is always happy to help you find hard-to-find parts and the great thing is, in contrast to the internet or less experienced boat shops, he will get you the right part the first time around.

Anyways, I don’t write reviews often, but these guys have helped me out to the point where my boating experience has been much more affordable and enjoyable. If you want excellent service and sound advice at the right price, then check them out.”

says Jesse of La Habra, CA

“I went here the day I got my new boat to get the electronics installed (gps fishfinder combo) they said it would be between 3-500 to install it.. well when all was said and done i paid 325 and they did a professional job routing the wires through the t-top i tipped the mechanic 20 also .. i haven’t taken my boat there for regular maintenance because they are not a authorized yamaha dealer when the warrenty is up i will be back there for service” says Ralph Anaheim, CA

“Hi…! Chuck ^_^
I will bring in my boat on Jan 2,2012 Monday
9:00 AM. You have to take care my boat from now on. I live in over the mountain in hacienda Heights. about less than 6 miles from your shop.

ThanK You . Have a happy new year. ^_^      From : Jerry Choi




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